The Feeling of the Landslide (First Demo)

by Rat King

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Recorded in a basement throughout 2015 and 2016.


released October 24, 2016

Written and recorded by Kyle Wilcher, performed live by Rat King. (Andre, Jason, and Kyle)



all rights reserved


Rat King Evansville, Indiana

"You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."

-Gautama Buddha

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Track Name: Ghostchime
have you heard their whispers in the dark
they come to steal a beating heart
they show no remorse for their crimes
have you heard their ghostly chimes

the moon was full
but the glass was empty
you took me for a fool
but now you're suffering

maybe they are not the enemy
after all
they found peace amongst themselves
while you vowed to stand tall

why? was it really worth it?
Track Name: Barren
can you hear me
I am cold
as I remain here
to sleep
do you hear me
as I whisper
the secrets of this forest
that has guarded me

why must you hurt me
listen to our pleas
why must you hurt me
I am their pleas

torn asunder
hollowed for you
deep sorrow
still this ensues
my journey
has come to end
I will die here
cold and barren

I am not alone
but soon we all will be
the sky will cease to cry its tears
she will laugh at the debris
Track Name: A Passing Thought on a Starry Night
i see your thoughts have changed
i finally chose my way
like a brick to teeth
you break me piece by piece

I'm sorry for being
so unforgivable
i know that time will heal
but you make it so difficult

erase me from any future thought
prodigal son
leave me to rot

I'm sorry for being
so unforgivable
i know that time will heal
but you make it so difficult

i never picked a side
so abandon your fucking pride
Track Name: Windhand - Orchard (Acoustic Windhand Cover)
I miss the feeling of the landslide
Shaking the dust off of my skin
What chokes the breath that makes my heart sigh
And now I feel at home again

This god is good enough for me

I’m having trouble with the down time
Can’t pick myself off of the floor
Getting so caught up in the meantime
I am so high can’t ever come back down

This god is good enough for me

Go on and get up
Go on and get up
Go on and get up
Go on and get up

Oceans of dark now from your blue sky
I found the water is too deep
There is no comfort in the black tide
There is no secret that I cannot keep

This god is good enough for me